Working together to keep people safe

Working together to keep people safe – that was the message from Somerset County Council and the emergency services in an update on the serious flooding situation.

Earlier today, members of the military visited communities in Somerset as part of the ongoing multi-agency response.

Following this, it was decided that the current needs are being met by the fire service who are supplying 10 additional pumps, Unimog vehicles and hovercraft. The military remains on standby in case further support is needed if the flooding situation worsens.

Patrick Flaherty, Deputy Chief Executive of Somerset County Council thanked the military for their help. He said: “The military have come in at short notice, worked with our teams to assess what’s needed and what’s required and the fire service has met that need through its national specialist vehicles and trained staff.

“With potential flooding coming up over the weekend and flooding ongoing for weeks ahead, we now have any military help and support very much on call.

“Our communities will be extremely grateful to the Fire Service for the provision of their specialist vehicles that they have sourced from around the country.”