All Terrain Vehicles arrive in Somerset

Flood hit residents in Somerset now have the support of two specialist vehicles to transport people and vital supplies.

ATV cropThe two BV206s arrive in the flood-hit area today (Sunday) and have been provided by Somerset County Council. The Swedish-made All Terrain Vehicles will be able to access flooded areas where the water is too deep for a traditional 4X4 and not deep enough for a boat.

Both BV206s will be able to transport passengers whilst one will assist in carrying supplies, such as fuel, wood and animal feed. The vehicles will add extra flexibility and capacity for the multi-agency flood relief effort.

Leader of Somerset County Council, John Osman, said: “We have a range of equipment that should let us get help and support to the most difficult of locations.

“All agencies, including voluntary agencies such as Wessex 4×4, are working hand-in-hand, monitoring the situation closely and responding together. We are all hoping that life for these communities returns to normal as soon as possible.”

The vehicles will need to undergo checks and trials when they arrive and it is hoped that they start support from Monday. They will become more involved when other forms of transport, ie the current boat service, become unfeasible.

They will be tasked in response to requests for help made to district councils or requests from established community contacts.