Extra help for flood-hit communities

More pumps will be on standby for the Somerset Levels today as agencies continue to work together to provide support for flood–hit communities.

Four extra High Volume Pumps have been requested from Fire & Rescue Services around the country and will be in the area from today. They will be ready to be called upon in addition to the eight already at work, as a precaution in case more capacity is needed or to cover any breakdowns and maintenance.

Yesterday (Saturday) a public access defibrillator was also installed in the church hall in Muchelney by the South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust. It’s hoped the equipment will provide extra reassurance to residents that help is available should there be a medical emergency.

Although simple to use, the Ambulance service has also provided training for local residents who will then pass this training on to others.

Despite morning high tides and more rain, no extra homes are thought to have been flooded. All occupied and flooded homes in the isolated flood areas were visited and checked by local authorities to ensure people are safe and well. These check-ups will continue.

Residents are being asked to take sensible precautions with floodwater. It naturally, contains bacteria but so long as it is not drunk or bathed in, it should pose no risk to public health. However, people should take care to wash hands regularly, clean food preparation services, and not eat food touched by floodwater.

Although water levels may have fallen on some flooded roads, motorists are also being urged to heed road closed signs after reports of some drivers trying to use roads still under floodwater. The conditions are regularly checked and signs will be removed to when there is no longer a risk

In some cases flood signs have been moved without permission, and Police have warned that this could pose a serious risk to other motorists.