The Balancing Act Results

Listening Learning ChangingMany thanks to the thousands of people who have taken the time to talk to us, taken part in surveys, visited the balancing act budget game online or had a go at our Facebook polls. Your comments are important and have helped influence council members as they make tough decisions over the Council’s spending for the next three years. You also made a difference as councillors produced their ideas as to what services SCC should prioritise within its “County Plan”

You can find the results of the consultation so far here – we have shown the results in a graph and also in tables. We have also received many hundreds of comments and questions and these have been sent to individual services for their attention and where possible their replies. Here is a short summary of the results:

  • Most important areas of our County Plan. Top three targets – Independent Living; children in care; attracting jobs.
  • Your priority services. Top three areas – Adult social care; Children’s social care; Learning disabilities services.
  • Services to handover to the Community. Top three – mobile libraries; boosting local economy; children’s centres.
  • Where the Council should raise charges. Top three – Increase advertising; Penalties for road works; Registration services eg weddings.

Because we spoke to so many people – more than 9000 at the last count – please be patient and we will get back to you when we can.

And don’t forget, this budget consultation is not a “one-off”. You can still take part and make a difference. Go to and have a go at the balancing act game. Or fill in the consultation questions on Page 5 or the January Your Somerset council newspaper.

Thanks again and keep talking to us!