Prime Minister backs calls for utility firms to give flooded bill-payers a break

Prime Minister David Cameron today backed calls for utility companies to do their bit to help victims of flooding.

Somerset County Council leader John Osman lent his support yesterday after discussing the idea with members of the Flooding on the Levels Action Group (FLAG). He tweeted: “I call on all utility companies to suspend the bills for those who have had to leave their homes as a result of the flooding.”

And speaking on BBC Somerset this morning, Mr Cameron added his weight to the appeal when he called on firms to be “socially responsible” when it comes to flood victims.

Cllr Osman said: “It was clear from talking to people in Somerset who have been directly affected by the flooding, and particularly FLAG, that this was a really good idea.

“I’ve heard stories that some people who have been forced out of their homes have faced hefty bills or have been asked to pay hundreds of pounds to suspend a service. That is not fair.

“As a council we took the lead by offering to waive the County Council part of homeowners’ Council Tax bill for everyone stranded or unable to live at home.

“We called on other councils and businesses to follow suit, and I’m delighted to hear that our Prime Minister feels the same.”