Council Leader’s thank you

Volunteers, council officers and agencies that have worked around the clock to help residents during the flooding crisis were thanked by Somerset County Council Leader, Cllr John Osman, at a Full Council meeting today.

A round of applause followed Cllr Osman’s speech in which he personally thanked individuals and organisations, including FLAG (Flooding on Levels Action Group).

“The true heroes of the floods are the volunteers,” Cllr John Osman said “The tractor drivers who without being asked turn up and provide transport, the farmers who gather round to transport their neighbours cattle to safety, the residents who step forward to represent their communities and make their voice heard and the commercial companies who without being asked have provided essential supplies – such as fuel oil.”

Cllr Osman also thanked the armed services, partners and agencies, “who knock on doors, check on people, provide a lifeline, crew our boat, pump away water, who do so many, many things that are so welcomed by residents.”

“I’ve been touched by the national support we have received from individuals and schools who have donated and collected. Its good to know we are not alone in this crisis.”

Cllr Osman finished his speech by saying: “Somerset County Council was there on day one, and I can guarantee we will be with you until the flooding has gone.”

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