Children’s Centre Services: Have Your Say meetings and consultations

Parents and families can have their say on plans for Children’s Centre services based in Castle Cary, Creech St Michael (The Villages) and Chilcompton (The Mill) in the coming weeks.

Have Your Say meetings will take place for Castle Cary Children’s Centre on 6 and 9 May and The Villages Children’s Centre at Creech St Michael on 14 and 16 May.

Attendees can use the meetings to get more information, ask questions and give their views on proposals that will see the centres remain open and current services for children and families continue in the same buildings, though the centres would be de-designated.

A public consultation on proposals for The Mill Children’s Centre at Chilcompton will start today (Wednesday, 16 April) and will last for nine weeks. The Council is running a consultation for this centre (rather than Have Your Say meetings) because the proposals for change could be considered more significant than proposed for other centres.

The options proposed for Chilcompton are about The Mill Nursery using more of the Children’s Centre to meet the local demand for child care. Please note, under all the options being consulted on the current children’s services would continue to be provided in the community – in the centre and/or other suitable venues – though it  is proposed that the centre is de-designated.

Parents, families and anyone with an interest are invited to give their views. Consultation surveys will be available to complete in the centre and on the Council’s website. There will also be meetings for people to get more information and ask questions.

Cllr Frances Nicholson, Cabinet Member for Children and Families, said: “We said that people would be able to have their say and that we would approach this in a way that’s proportionate to what changes to services are proposed.

“The current services will still be delivered in Chilcompton, but our proposals are for some change to exactly where.  With this in mind we wanted to give people more time to consider the proposals and tell us what they think.

“We understand just how important Children’s Centre services are and our work to restructure them is all about getting the right support in the right place to those who most need it.”

Consultation surveys and supporting information will be available in Chilcompton Children’s Centres and online (information can be found at from today. The consultation is due to close on 18 June.

Consultation information meetings will be taking place as follows:

  • Wednesday 30th April 2014, 6.00 – 7.30pm
  • Friday 30th May 2014, 1.30 – 3.00pm

Venue: The Mill Children’s Centre

The Have Your Say meetings for Castle Cary and Creech St Michael are as follows.

Castle Cary:

  • Tuesday 6 May, 6-7.30pm at the Children’s Centre (Swainson Building)
  • Friday 9 May, 9.30-11am at the Constitutional Club, Station Road, Castle Cary, BA7 7BY

Creech St Michael:

  • Wednesday 14 May, 6-7.30pm at the Children’s Centre (The Villages)
  • Friday 16 May, 9.30-11am at the Children’s Centre (The Villages)