Thorney ring bank on the way

Released on behalf of all the organisations involved in the 20 Year Flood Action Plan

A ring bank flood protection scheme is on its way for Thorney as part of the 20 Year Flood Action Plan (FAP) for Somerset.

The Parrett Drainage Board, which is part of the Somerset Drainage Boards Consortium, is preparing to build the bank to protect the village which was among the communities badly hit during the winter flooding. The earth bank planned for the west of Thorney would improve flood protection for around 10 houses and the public highway.

The FAP Programme Board, which includes representatives from all the organisations delivering the plan, has agreed to a proposal for the ring bank and made a commitment for it to be funded.

Councillor John Osman, Chairman of the FAP Leaders Implementation Group and Leader of Somerset County Council, said: “All the organisations are committed to putting the plan into action and I know everyone is keen to see progress.

“The proposal for a ring bank at Thorney is well supported locally so I am delighted to see it moving forward. No single piece of work can solve the problem of flooding on the Levels on its own, but all together they can make a difference.”

Peter Maltby, Chairman of the Somerset Drainage Boards Consortium, said:  “The initial concept of this scheme was envisaged by our local member Richard England, in the midst of the most recent flood event. He called in our Engineers to make a technical assessment and without a doubt this scheme will reduce the flood risk to the properties and the road that flooded last winter at Thorney.

“The Board is delighted to be able to make this happen with the support from local and national grants and our partners in the 20 year FAP.”

The precise costs of the scheme will not be known until tenders for the work have been received and the contract awarded. Money is available for it from a number of organisations and the FAP Programme Board has committed to add to this whatever funding it required to pay for the scheme.

The board is also encouraging local residents to continue to make applications to the Government-funded Repair and Renew grant scheme. If successful these could help pay for the ring bank scheme and this would reduce the money needed from other FAP sources – releasing that money to be spent delivering other aspects of the plan.