Listening. Learning. Changing

Like all local authorities, our income is falling while demand for our services is rising.

We estimate we need to make around £30m of savings if we are to balance our budget next year and live within our means. This means making difficult decisions.

When making those decisions we want to know what’s important to our residents and hear your views on our priorities and other issues.

Through our “Listening, Learning, Changing” roadshows across Somerset, we are listening to your views; learning what we are doing well and where we need to improve. 

Thanks for getting involved
Through the roadshow events, online survey and Your Somerset readers’ survey, we spoke to nearly 3,500 residents this year as part of the Listening Learning Changing initiative. We thank you for giving us your time.

What we did and what people told us has been summarised in this report. This information, and that from consultations and other surveys, has been used to support the budget making process and inform decision makers.