Next step for Parrett Barrier


Over the summer, an interim technical report has been drafted about the options for a Parrett Barrier and it has been published today (December 10th).

 The report brings together – and updates – the wealth of information that has been gathered over the past eight years from various organisations such as the Environment Agency, Sedgemoor District Council and Internal Drainage Boards.
The updated information has been assimilated into how best to tackle tidal flooding on the Somerset Levels and Moors as part of a pick and mix menu of how flooding in and around Bridgwater and the surrounding countryside can be minimised.
The report, prepared by Black and Veatch, can be found at
There will be two further pieces of work necessary before a final decision can be made as to the type of structure.  The first is a review of Geomorphology (the processes of erosion and sedimentation that occur in the river) which will better inform our understanding of siltation in the river channel, especially taking into account effects (if any) from the recent 8 kilometre dredge.    The second piece of work is using the detailed modelling produced by the 20-year plan to make sure that the report and its conclusions are based on the best and latest available information.  This review report is just one part of the overall process.
Once these pieces of work are completed and their results analysed; technical and expert partners will be invited to a further workshop in March to feedback on the proposal.
There is an email feedback facility for comments upon the report, which can be found at
The report forms part of Somerset’s 20-year Flood Action Plan – see under the theme of Dredging and River Management.