Statement from Somerset County Council

We wish to address any misunderstanding or confusion around the warehouse at Walford Cross, residents’ reserved items, and donated goods, with the following statement.

We can categorically deny that residents who still have reserved items in the warehouse have been asked to remove their items within two to three weeks from today (Friday 13 February).

In fact, residents can still very much have access to their items, and will be able to do so until the beginning of May. This is when the County Council’s licence for the warehouse will come to an end, as planned.

We are proud to have been providing residents affected by last winter’s floods with a place to store their items, free of charge, since May 2014, until they are ready to return home.

While arrangements for collecting items have now changed slightly, residents are welcome to get in touch with their local village agent, who will have been working with them since last winter. The agents are very well placed to liaise with them, and pass on their requests for collecting their items, by appointment.

The County Council certainly does not consider the goods which were donated by charitable organisations, and are not residents’ reserved items, which are being stored in the warehouse, to be its own property.

We want to put on record our thanks to all volunteers for the incredible work they have done over the past year.

A year on from the flooding event, our focus is now firmly set on the future, progressing with the 20 Year Flood Action Plan, and helping communities become resilient. This includes establishing Community Resilience Groups in six villages on Levels and Moors. For more information about the Flood Action Plan, please visit