Local Highways Maintenance Challenge Fund

Somerset County Council is seeking over £13million in funding from the Department for Transport as part of a four year ‘Invest to Save’ scheme to replace lighting on all standard street lighting columns in Somerset with energy saving LEDs.

An integral step in achieving this is the replacement of 13,340 older, non-galvanised columns which will not support the LED lanterns with new galvanised steel columns.

The Government announced the Local Highways Maintenance Challenge Fund at the end of December 2014.

This reflects the Government’s strong commitment to ensure that local authorities have well maintained local highway infrastructure.

The purpose of this Challenge Fund is to enable local authorities to bid for major maintenance projects that are otherwise difficult to fund through normal Highways Capital Maintenance Funding allocations.

The types of project eligible for funding include:

  • Major maintenance, strengthening or renewal of bridges, tunnels, retaining walls or other structures.
  • Major maintenance or renewal of carriageways (roads).
  • Manor maintenance or renewal of footways or cycleways.
  • Major maintenance or renewal of drainage assets.
  • Upgrade of street lighting.

You can view a copy of Somerset County Council’s bid for funding by clicking the link below.

Street Lighting Replacement Project DfT Application