Seeking views in Dunster

Staff from Somerset County Council will be in Dunster this weekend to hear people’s views about the paving laid in West Street earlier this year.

They will be in the High Street on Saturday, 16 May from 10am – 2pm and available to hear people’s views on the paving. The slabs were part of a £400,000 highways improvement scheme which also included upgrades to traffic signals and significant resurfacing.

A cobbled pavement was removed from West Street following a request from the parish council to make one side of the street safe for pedestrians and help people with mobility issues and those using pushchairs. Blue Lias paving slabs were used and it is these which are leading to concerns being raised locally.

Councillor Harvey Siggs, Cabinet Member for Highways, said: “The majority of the works have been very successful – completed just ahead of time and on budget. However, the choice of paving slabs used in West Street has been the subject of some concern.

“We are listening to those concerns, have read the correspondence and attended meetings, but before making a decision on next steps we want to hear from people in the village who may not yet have been able share their views.

“We value Dunster highly – which is why we invested £400,000 in these recent works – and we want to reach an outcome that works for the village.”

The findings from the visit to Dunster on Saturday will be considered alongside other comments, discussions at meetings and visits to other sites where Blue Lias has been used to make a recommendation to the councillor for Highways about the next steps.

The £400,000 highways scheme was a joint project with Wessex Water. The County Council works included installing more energy efficient traffic signals, resurfacing and new footpaths.