Modernising care contracts

A new system that will help people with Learning Disabilities have quicker access to a wider range of support has been approved by Somerset County Council.

The online ‘open framework’ modernises the way care contracts are awarded to Learning Disability care providers. It will allow providers of all sizes to register the services they provide online, making information more easily available to the Council’s Social Workers who organise support and help for people with Learning Disabilities.

It will help Social Workers more quickly find and order the support that best suits a person’s particular requirements.

All providers registered as part of the framework will be quality assessed, to ensure they meet the Council’s quality standards during the qualification stage which will allow a greater focus to be placed on the needs of the individual.

The framework is expected to attract new providers, particularly smaller and medium sized enterprises, meaning more choice and innovative options for social workers and customers to choose from.

“We want everyone to lead independent and healthy lives and this is a real modernisation of the way we do things,” said Cllr William Wallace, Somerset County Council’s Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care.

“Everyone has different needs and different ways they would like those needs met. This system should encourage a wider range of quality-assured options to choose from, and make those options easier to find and quicker to order.”

Any care providers wishing to register their service on the framework system should contact