Got a road traffic problem? Find a solution with Traffic Choices

A new website to help people understand how to tackle traffic issues in their community has been launched by Somerset County Council.

The Traffic Choices website provides information about different options which can be used to solve problems on the road. So whether you’re concerned about pedestrian safety, speeding vehicles or inconsiderate parking, this is the first place to go.

The website has details on all the various solutions which may be available, and uses pictures and video clips to show how each option works and explain the pros and cons.

Cllr David Fothergill, Somerset County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways, said: “This new website aims to help communities understand what can and can’t be achieved through traffic and highway improvements – and also explain why some solutions may not be appropriate for some areas.

“Often people come to us with their idea for a solution to their problem, when sometimes there are practical reasons why this might not be suitable – for example, speed humps may be effective in reducing traffic speeds but could also be noisy and cause vibrations in nearby homes.

“The website is easy to understand and should help explain the process people need to follow if they would like us to consider taking action.”

Somerset County Council has a small budget to spend each year on small-scale road improvements which are a priority for local communities. If people have a problem they can view the options on Traffic Choices but should get in touch with their local Parish or Town Council and their County Councillor in the first instance to discuss further.

To find out who the elected Somerset County Councillor is for a particular area, simply visit

Traffic Choices was originally developed by Bristol City Council and Somerset County Council has worked with them to adapt the site to reflect the more rural nature of Somerset.

You can access the site by visiting