New campaign to protect vulnerable adults from harm

A new campaign called “Thinking it? Report it” has been launched in Somerset this month urging people to make contact if they think someone is being harmed.

The campaign has been launched with support from Somerset’s Safeguarding Adults Board (SSAB), a group of agencies including Somerset County Council, the police, the NHS and others, who work together to protect vulnerable adults from harm.

Richard Crompton, Chairman of the SSAB, said: “If you are worried that someone is being harmed or neglected in some way, report it. Our safeguarding services can look into it and find out what is happening.

“We know from our experience there are vulnerable people in Somerset who are being subjected to abuse, but they may lack the ability, knowledge or support to challenge it or do something about it. That’s why we need people to speak up for them. If you suspect it, think it, hear it or see it, report it to us. Your intervention could save someone’s life.”

Mr Crompton said adult abuse took many forms.

“People who are physically, emotionally or psychologically frail and dependent on others for their care can be neglected and taken advantage of by others in a number of ways. This can be physical harm, bullying, discrimination, neglect or financial abuse. It can affect vulnerable men and women from all social backgrounds. Abuse can happen anywhere. In some cases, the abuser is a member of the victim’s own family or someone who is paid to care for them. That makes the problem more hidden, and why we need people to come forward where they have a valid suspicion that something might not be right,” he said.

To report a concern about a vulnerable adult, call 0300 123 2224 or email . In an emergency, always call 999. For more information about adult safeguarding issues, go online at

Campaign posters will be displayed at public locations across the county and on local buses. This will be supported by a local radio campaign, newspaper adverts and events.

The campaign has been funded using resources made available to local authorities to carry out their duties under the 2014 Care Act.