Community to have its say on expansion plans for Wincanton Primary School

Families and residents in Wincanton are being given the chance to have their say on the details of future developments at one of the town’s primary schools.

Prospective parents and other interested parties are invited to a drop-in event at Wincanton Primary School, to view and feedback on the most up-to-date plans. The event on Friday 4 December, between 2.45pm and 6pm, is being coordinated by the school’s Governing Body with support from Somerset County Council.

The proposals will see Wincanton Primary School grow from an 11-class to a 14-class school, making way for 90 additional school places. This is as work to bring 500 new homes to the area continues to progress. The demand for school places is expected to rise further with the arrival of military families relocating from Germany and elsewhere in the UK.

Wincanton Primary School currently does not have the space to meet this additional demand. The extension to the school will open in September 2017.

The current expansion plans for Wincanton Primary School include:

A new eight classroom block with reception area and offices, to be built on land next to the current school buildings. Some of the existing main building will be remodelled, and one of three modular buildings currently used by the school will be demolished
South Street Pre-School will also be relocated to the school’s detached playing field, with a modular building currently under construction. It is hoped the pre-school will be in its new premises by February 2016.
Headteacher Graeme Wilson said: “We are thrilled that the school is being given this opportunity to extend our provision and ensure that our children will get the best possible education.

“The additional space will allow us to provide again our nurture group and the support that has been squashed by our rising numbers and need for class spaces. To have our children’s needs being the focus of what we provide is our main priority. It is just made harder by cramped conditions. The growth of our school physically will allow us to fulfill our promise to our parents and children that will allow them to develop further socially, emotionally and academically.”

Cllr Frances Nicholson, Cabinet Member for Children and Families at Somerset County Council, said: “These ambitious plans show how we will meet the growing demand for school places in Wincanton. This is a time of real growth and change for the town, and it is essential that the school is part of this story.

“To all those interested in Wincanton Primary School’s future, I would encourage you to come to the drop-in event. Even if you cannot attend please get in touch with the team well before the closing date to submit your response by Monday 11 January 2016.”

To request a hard copy of the consultation, please email or phone Somerset Direct on 0300 0300 123 2224 and ask to speak to the Schools Commissioning Team.


Notes to editors

Planning guidelines state that a development of 150 houses will produce a class of 30 primary school-age children. As such a 14-class primary school will be needed for the community once the 500 developments are complete.