“He’s the most amazing little boy” – Our Fostering to Adopt Story

A Somerset couple who went on to adopt the baby they were fostering want to do it a second time.

Jayne* and David* were the first to embrace Somerset County Council’s vital Fostering to Adopt initiative, and now live happily with their adopted son Ben*.

Fostering to Adopt gives young children who come into care greater stability in their early life, by placing them with adopters who have been specifically approved as their foster carers.This is a positive option for the child, who will live with their likely adoptive family from a young age, and be able to form attachments.

Fostering to adopt man with baby


Twelve children have been successfully placed through Fostering to Adopt in Somerset to date.

In their interview on www.fosteradoptsomerset.org.uk, Jayne says: “We’d decided from the beginning that we were going to go all in, and be his parents, and give him the best we could give him. If it then turned out he did have to return to his birth family, we would have to deal with his loss. But he would’ve had the best start possible.

“He’s the most amazing boy, a cheeky little fun growing up boy…he’s just so bright; a normal little boy, full of life.”

She adds: “If you’re going for adoption, you must want to do the best for a child who isn’t able to live with their birth parents for whatever reason. It’s a chance to avoid the damage that could be done if a child experiences multiple moves, and the uncertainty that children can experience. Fostering to Adopt is the best of both worlds.”

You can read Jayne and David’s story in full by clicking here: http://www.fosteradoptsomerset.org.uk/hes-amazing-little-boy-fostering-adopt-story/

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  • Thursday 25 February, 7pm to 9pm, Costa Yeovil, Middle Street, BA20 1LE

Those who attend a Costa Coffee Evening will get to hear all about Fostering to Adopt and speak to people who have been through the process. They will also receive a free Costa coffee and a cake.

There is no such thing as the ‘ideal’ or ‘perfect’ adoptive family. You might be a single man or woman without children; a single parent; living with a long-term partner; married – whatever your circumstances, sexuality, ethnicity or income, it’s what you have to offer a child that we care about most.

Visit www.fosteradoptsomerset.org.uk or phone the enquiry team on 0800 587 9900 to find out more.