*** PHOTO OPPORTUNITY *** Friday 26th February, 10 am at County Hall, Somerset County Council ***

The ‘Be There Tomorrow campaign ‘ad-van’ is on the road this week stopping off for a photo opportunity at County Hall at 10.00 am on Friday 26th February.

It will be joined by the ‘Wellness on Wheels’ mobile stop smoking clinic and team, part of the Smokefreelife service commissioned by Somerset County Council Public Health.

The campaign revealed that over 90% of people in the South West don’t realise that 1 in 2 smokers will die early from their habit. In fact, about 100,000 people in the UK die each year due to smoking, of which 9,000 live in the South West.

Cllr. Anna Groskop, Cabinet Member with responsibility for health and Cllr. David Fothergill, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, will be available for photographs to show their support.

The ‘ad-van’ displays a poignant poster highlighting the special moments in life that 1 in 2 smokers who don’t stop early enough are likely to miss out on by dying early from their tobacco use.

Cllr. Anna Groskop, Cabinet Member with responsibility for health, Somerset County Council said: “It’s widely known that quitting smoking has health and financial benefits but what is less well understood is the far reaching impact it has on mental wellbeing and happiness.”

Somerset residents are able to access free local support to quit which can include free stop smoking medications given at your appointment. You can contact the service by visiting http://www.smokefreelifesomerset.co.uk, calling 01823 765006 / 0800 2461063 or through our Facebook (Smokefreelife Somerset) and Twitter pages (@Somerset_sfl)’

Visit http://www.betheretomorrow.co.uk and click on ‘find your local Stop Smoking Service’ and http://www.facebook.com/SmokefreeSW

Notes to the editor:

Friday 26th, Saturday 27th February – Route to include:

a) Bridgwater (26th Feb) including:
Sainsburys, TA6 4AB
Morrisons, TA6 3LN
Asda, TA6 5AZ
Redgate Medical Centre, TA6 5BF
Somerset Bridge Medical Centre, TA6 6LD
Doctors Surgery, TA6 3NA
Taunton Road Medical Centre, TA6 3LS
Cranliegh Garden Medical Centre, TA6 5JS
Victoria Park Medical Centre, TA6 7AS

b) Yeovil (26th Feb) including:
Tesco, BA20 1DL
Morrison’s, BA20 2AU
Asda, BA20 2HB
Henford Lodge Medical Centre, BA20 1UJ
Abbey Manor Medical Practice, BA21 3TL
Preston Grove Medical Centre, BA20 2BQ

c) Taunton (26th Feb) including:
Sainsburys, TA1 3NE
Tesco, TA1 4AB
Morrisons, TA1 1DX
Asda, TA1 2AN
French Weir Health Centre, TA1 1NW
College Way Surgery, TA1 4TY
Blackbrook Surgery, TA1 2LB

d) Illminster (27th Feb) including:
Tesco, TA19 0BN
The Meadows Surgery, TA19 9FE
Church View Medical Centre, TA19 9RX

e) Chard (27th Feb) including:
Sainsburys, TA20 2DN
Tesco, TA20 2LW
Morrisons, TA20 1PH
Tawstock Medical Centre, TA20 1QF
Essex House Medical Centre, TA20 1QA

f) Shepton Mallet (27th Feb) including:
Tesco, BA4 5SB
Aldi, BA4 5SB
The Park Medical Practice, BA4 5RT
Grove House Surgery, BA4 5UH
The Surgery, BA4 6JY

g) Glastonbury (27th Feb) including:
Morrisons, BA6 9ED
Tesco, BA6 9NR
The Glastonbury Surgery, BA6 9LP
Glastonbury Health Centre, BA6 9DD

h) Street (27th Feb) including:
Sainsbury’s, BA16 0HS
The Vine Surgery, BA16 0ET

For further information, please contact the Press Office on 01823 355020 or email pressoffice@somerset.gov.uk