Adult safeguarding website launched

This month the Somerset Safeguarding Adults Board (SSAB) launched a new website to give
people a better understanding of adult safeguarding.

The new website will enable people and professionals
to find information on adult safeguarding, who may be at risk and how to report abuse.

Richard Crompton, Chair of the Somerset Safeguarding Adults Board, said: “I am delighted with
the progress the Board has made over the last year and the on-going work of our member
agencies to protect adults at risk in Somerset.

“A vital role of the Board is to raise public awareness of what safeguarding is, and we felt it was
important to make information more easily accessible to people so have developed this new
website to help us do so. The site contains a range of useful information to help raise public
understanding of who may need support, when help may be needed and how it can be
accessed, as well as more information about our role as a partnership. Staff working with
people with health or social care needs can also visit the website to access policy and practice
guidance, and other resources.

“Although the website will continue to be developed and strengthened over time, I would
encourage everyone to learn more about safeguarding, as it really is everybody’s business, and
we all have a duty to our family, friends and community to ensure people are not being exposed
to risk of harm.”

The Somerset Safeguarding Adults Board is a multi-agency partnership which includes
Somerset County Council, Avon and Somerset Constabulary and the Somerset Clinical
Commissioning Group who work together to protect vulnerable adults from harm.