Safety Improvements at Pedestrian Crossing Complete

Work to upgrade a pedestrian crossing in Bridgwater has been finished on time and with minimal disruption.

Somerset County Council improved the pedestrian crossing on A39 Wembdon Road, Bridgwater, between the junction of Northfield and the junction of Coronation Road.

The works included upgrading the existing pedestrian crossing to a Puffin and widening the footway, as well as other associated works such as moving lighting, drainage works and signing.  This will make the crossing safer as it will detect pedestrians in the waiting area, but also whilst they are on the crossing itself.

Councillor David Fothergill, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport said: “I’m pleased that we have completed the works at the new crossing with little disruption. This is an important improvement in a key location that will improve the junction for the safety of its users.

“Many thanks to local residents and users of the junction for their patience during the works.”