Get on board for your free mid-life MOT

People over the age of 40 are being offered the opportunity to book a free mid-life MOT.

The health checks take place in the mobile NHS Health Checks clinic, which is now touring two Somerset locations and also offers healthy lifestyle advice.

NHS Health Checks are all about trying to discover disease and long term chronic illness before they become a problem, focusing on some of the really big diseases such as stroke, dementia, heart disease, (known as cardiovascular disease) and chronic kidney disease.

In the early stages there may not be many symptoms and people may not know about their risk factors.

Figures indicate that in Somerset as of 2014 there were 66% of adults who were overweight or obese and 27% were inactive, greater than across the south west or England. Excess weight and inactivity are risk factors for developing cardiovascular disease as well as other health issues.

Councillor Anna Groskop, Cabinet Member with responsibility for health and wellbeing, Somerset County Council; Trudi Grant, Somerset’s Director of Public Health and Simon Clifford, Director, Customers and Communities, Somerset County Council met the mobile clinic when it spent one day recently providing popular health checks for Council employees.

Councillor Anna Groskop, Cabinet Member with responsibility for health and wellbeing, Somerset County Council said: “80% to 90% of cardiovascular disease is preventable in people under the age of 75.

“Through modest lifestyle changes the ‘big killer’ conditions can often be delayed, enabling people to live healthier and more independently well into their older age.

“The mobile clinic provides easier, accessible services for everyone and particularly those who find it difficult to visit GP surgeries, pharmacies and community centres where the service is delivered. It is all part of our wider vision that Somerset is a safer and healthier place to live and work.”

Trudi Grant, Somerset’s Director of Public Health said: “We have a bold vision for Somerset – better health for all.

“To achieve this we all need to play our part and take responsibility for our own health and wellbeing. One great way to do this as we hit 40 years plus is to take up the offer of a free NHS Health Check.”

To be eligible you need to:

• be registered with a Somerset GP or resident in Somerset
• have not being treated by your GP for an existing diagnosed vascular condition
• have not had an NHS Health Check in the last 5 years.

The NHS Health Check for each participating person takes around 20 minutes to complete and consists of:

• Straightforward questions about your health, diet, alcohol intake, smoking habit, physical activity and relevant family history
• Height, weight, waist and blood pressure measurements
• A simple finger-prick blood test for cholesterol and blood sugar test (if required)
• Dementia awareness and falls prevention information (for over 65s)

You will receive a comprehensive health report, together with advice and support about how to maintain good health and make lifestyle changes that will help improve your health. This may include referral to your GP or local lifestyle services such as weight management or physical activities.

The NHS Health Checks are completely confidential.

Anyone over 40 years of age, who meets the eligibility criteria can have a free, confidential, NHS Health Check. You can just book an appointment at any one of the locations by calling 01823 261794 or stop by on the day.

There will be information and advice available at the locations so even if you don’t want an appointment you can come along to find out more about NHS Health Checks and how they can help you.

Full details of all the events at
The Mobile NHS Health Checks Clinic events are:

• Clarks Village, 1st July (10 am – 4.00pm )
• Somerset County Cricket Ground- Sunday 10th July, (9:00-5:00) – County Championship Game vs. Middlesex- (Mobile Unit)

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Statistics reveal that in Somerset 27.5% of adults (2014) were classified as inactive compared to 26.3% across the South West though similar to England at 27.7% and it was estimated that 66.3% of adults were classified as overweight or obese compared to 64.2% across the South West and 64.6% in England.

In 2015 there were 26,600 people registered with diabetes in Somerset. People with diabetes are at a higher risk of having a heart attack or stroke. Within Somerset CCG, people with diabetes are 65.2% more likely than the general population to have a heart attack and 43.9% more likely to have a stroke.
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Get on board for your free midlife MOT

left to right: Chris Milton, Lead Project Manager, Tohealth; Jen Cawley, Project Coordinator, Tohealth; Sharon Ashton, Public Health Commissioning Manager, Somerset County Council; Alys Hannaway, NHS Health Checks Adviser, Tohealth; Sandy Beamson, Public Health Commissioning Officer, Somerset County Council.
MG 1515: left to right: Councillor Anna Groskop, Cabinet Member with responsibility for Public Health; Simon Clifford, Director, Customers and Communities and Trudi Grant, Somerset Director of Public Health.

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