Statement about the Stroke Association

“The range of support available to stroke patients, their families and carers has improved since this service was started in 2008.

“We are confident that other services now available – for example Health Coaches, Health Connections and a county-wide carers service – will be able to meet the needs of those currently being supported by the Stroke Association.

“We have offered to help the association explore options for other local funding and will be working with them to ensure a smooth move to alternative services and to make sure these services deliver the support needed by stroke survivors and their families.

“We have done our very best to make the central government funding for this support last as long as possible. It ran out several years ago and we have managed to use one-off funding from other sources to give annual grants to the association.

“However, there are unprecedented pressures on all our budgets and it’s essential that we make the limited funds we have go support as many people as possible.”