Drivers reminded to follow the one-way system in Bridgwater

Motorists are being urged to follow a temporary one-way system in Bridgwater after a CCTV camera was installed on East Quay.

A minority of motorists have been ignoring a ‘No Entry’ sign and driving the wrong way through the one-way system where East Quay joins The Drove in a bid to get round the diversion.

Workers carrying out road improvements at the Junction have been struck by motorists ignoring the temporary one-way system. There have also been several near misses involving pedestrians and other vehicles.

Such is the concern for the safety of all road users that the East Quay arm of the junction could be closed completely for the remainder of the road works if the situation does not improve. The one-way system is in place while EDF Energy carries out junction improvements and upgrades the traffic lights.

Councillor David Fothergill, Cabinet Member for Highways at Somerset County Council said: “It is extremely dangerous to ignore the traffic management that has been put in place. These roadworks are being undertaken under road closures to ensure the safety of drivers, pedestrians and workers.

“I would ask all users of the junction to please adhere to the signage; it is for your own safety. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank everyone else for their patience whilst these important roadworks continue.”

The CCTV camera records vehicles travelling the wrong way through the one-way system and filmed around a dozen cars ignoring the temporary one-way system in just one day.

David Eccles, EDF Energy’s Head of Stakeholder engagement for EDF Energy, said: “These improvement works have been carefully planned to try to minimise disruption. We appreciate that there are delays to journeys and are sorry for the inconvenience caused. We have taken practical steps to improve traffic flow, such as having a person in place to switch the traffic lights manually depending on how busy each direction is. Safety must be everyone’s first concern.”

Sgt Neil Kimmins from the Hinkley Policing Team said: “We are aware that some drivers are choosing to ignore the ‘No Entry’ signs on East Quay, which is putting pedestrians and other road users at risk. You are also likely to meet oncoming traffic head on.

“If drivers choose to ignore the sign and drive down a closed road, which results in an accident, you run the risk of invalidating your insurance in addition to other potential consequences.

“We are working closely with EDF Energy, Somerset County Council and the contractors to address the issue and offending vehicles can expect to be identified by on-site cameras.

“When a sign says the road is closed, it means it is closed and it’s closed for a reason. Please don’t ignore it.”