Charltons Youth Club is ‘safe and welcoming’

The Charltons Youth Club in Charlton Adam has received Somerset County Council’s  ‘Safe and Welcoming’ Award in recognition for its safe practices and popular appeal to young people.

A number of volunteers support this thriving club, which enables young people in the Charlton Mackrell and Charlton Adam communities to meet socially and enjoy a range of activities.

The ‘Safe and Welcoming’ benchmark scheme recognises the club’s safe practice and appeal to young people. The club was required to build a portfolio containing witness statements, policies, health and safety practice and building safety details in order to obtain the award.

Andrea de Berker, from The Charltons Youth Club, said: “What great news! Thanks to our youth worker Kayleigh Smith, her colleagues at the Community Youth Project and my fellow Trustees of the Charltons Community Hall who have all contributed in some way to us meeting the Safe and Welcoming Benchmark at the Charltons Senior Youth Club.”

A Youth & Community Grant of £3,470 was also recently awarded to support the running of the club following their successful bid to Somerset County Council.

Cllr Frances Nicholson, Cabinet Member for Children and Families at Somerset County Council, said: “It is reassuring for parents and carers to know that their local youth club is safe, sustainable and ‘young people friendly’. Once a youth club has gained this award, it becomes instantly recognisable to young people and their families as a great resource for their community.”


Valid for three years the award is a condition of Somerset County Council youth club funding. The award is split into sections looking at what young people can expect to experience at the club, the people who contribute to or work in the club, and policies, procedures and paperwork.

The Charltons Youth Club is the 37th club in Somerset to achieve the award.