Secondary School Admissions up again in Somerset

Over 97 per cent of Somerset’s children were offered a Secondary School place at one of their top three school choices, figures released by Somerset County Council show today.

97.5 per cent of children were offered a place at one of their top three secondary school preferences, a slight increase on last year’s figures of 97.17. 93.5 per cent received their 1st preference, an increase on last year’s figures of 92.32.

Cllr Frances Nicholson, Cabinet Member for Children and Families, said: “I am delighted that this year an even higher proportion of Somerset children have been offered a place at their chosen secondary school. Thanks to the hard work of our teams, over 93 per cent of children gained a place at their first preference school and over 97 per cent in one of their top three.  I wish all four and half thousand children the very best as they start the next stage of their education in September and, with the schools’ help, begin to explore their future and achieve their potential.

“We continue to plan ahead and have just launched a huge investment school building to make sure we have the right number of places for our growing school population.”

From 4490 applications received this year, figures show:

  • 1st preference met – 93.5 per cent (4199 applications)
  • 2nd preference – 3.3 per cent (149 applications)
  • 3rd preference – 0.6 per cent (29 applications)

Parents/carers of children not offered one of their top three secondary school preferences can appeal Somerset County Council’s decision. More information about the appeal process can be found at