Somerset Shared Lives Carer to be featured in the Guardian’s Weekend Magazine.

Alison Cooper has been a Shared Lives Carer for five years, and along with her family they have supported adults with mental health issues or disabilities in their own home.

This weekend her story will featured in the Guardian.

Alison currently cares for Jonathon, 41, who is autistic. The Shared Lives scheme allows Jonathon to live his own life whilst enjoying being in a family home where he can also receive any additional care he may need.

Since moving in with Alison and her family Jonathon has positively benefitted from being in stable family environment. When he first moved in his communication was limited, and he had low self esteem. Today, through guidance and support from the family, his confidence has grown to a level where his communication skills have improved, and he can also work 1 day a week at a local day centre.

The article entitled “I opened my home to a stranger” will feature in this Saturday’s edition of newspaper’s magazine and will also be available online.

For more information on how to become a Shared Lives career please call the Shared Lives Team on 01823 250501.