Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Panel ‘disappointed’ with Police and Crime Commissioner’s precept response

The Panel acknowledges the Police and Crime Commissioner’s response to the Panel’s formal report confirming approval of her Council Tax precept proposal for 2019/20, however they remain disappointed that many of their concerns have not been adequately addressed.

Her recognition of the impact of the proposal on Council Tax payers is welcome and reflects the difficult judgement that the Panel had to make in deciding whether to approve the significant tax increase she requested.

This approval was contingent on several concerns being addressed – around needing clear information in order to assess that the extra money was making a difference, a lack of visible policing in rural communities and regular updates on the new recruitment strategy for more police officers.

The offer to the Panel of involvement in the performance monitoring process in support of Operation Remedy is welcome but the Panel’s acceptance of the precept proposal was subject to the Commissioner putting in place performance measures across all areas of activity.  The Panel will be asked to support her refreshed Police and Crime Plan at its March meeting and as part of this will require assurances on the performance measures against which success will be judged.

The Panel’s Vice-Chair, Cllr Weston, said “It is essential that the Panel and the public can accurately judge the Commissioner’s performance against her Plan targets to provide assurance that the additional investment from the precept increase delivers real improvements in the service available to local communities.

“We will continue to press for this assurance on performance measures. At this stage the Panel was directed to information on the Commissioners website – this does not go into sufficient detail to satisfy the Panel members.”

“Prior to the Commissioner’s plan being supported a more rigorous set of matrices will need to be agreed.”

You view the Panel’s formal report to the Commissioner about her precept proposal here.

View the Commissioner’s report to the Panel’s formal report here.