New carriers for ‘Carry Me Kate Parenting Services CIC’ groups

Somerset County Council has provided funding to purchase additional carriers for mums, dads, carers and babies across the County.

The donation from the Chairman’s Charity for additional carriers helps to promote the importance of a close and loving relationship between babies and their caregivers.

Scientific evidence shows that when carried a baby’s physiological regulation improves. It also helps to regulate temperature, heart and respiratory rates and emotional and physical growth.

Oxytocin is a hormone that is linked to feelings of love and connection with others. Both men and women and baby release oxytocin during positive interaction and contact together.

Families are encouraged to go along to their nearest Carry Me Kate Parenting Services CIC group where they can access a trained and insured peer supporter or consultant who can help them learn about safe carrier use and ensure they understand the T.I.C.K.S Guidelines.   They will also be able to meet and socialise with other parents and access other parenting support as required.

Carry Me Kate Parenting Services CIC is a community interest company supporting parents with a sling library, a consultancy service for people wanting to try out different types of carriers in Somerset, breastfeeding peer support, other parenting support and social meets.

Any parent or caregiver who wishes to hire a sling for a small fee per month will need to contact Carry Me Kate Parenting Services CIC first and they will advise them about the most appropriate ‘sling meet’ for them in Somerset.

Cllr. Nigel Taylor, Chair of Somerset County Council said: “Our vision in Somerset is to give every child the very best start in life. I am delighted that the Chairman’s Charity was able to provide some extra slings for the CIC.  The funding will pay for the training of a sling consultant to allow the sling library provision to be run in the far reaches of the county, supporting people to gain the benefits of the sling meeting group and the health benefits of baby wearing for baby and parents.”

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents urges everyone to practice safe sling wearing by following the T.I.C.K.S. method and they encourage mums to attend a sling meet to have their technique checked and help them develop a network.

The T.I.C.K.S. rule for safe babywearing .  The full version can be found at (

Keep your baby close and keep your baby safe

When you are wearing a sling or carrier don’t forget T.I.C.K.S.

• Tight
• In view at all times
• Close enough to kiss
• Supported back

Kate Mahoney who set up Carry Me Kate Parenting Services CIC said: “Come along and meet us at any of our groups held across Somerset.   All the latest information on events is on our website and facebook page.

“We offer help and advice for people on safe carrier use and you can hire a carrier for around £12 a month. You can try before you buy to ensure you find the carrier best suited to you as a carrier is very individual, I often liken it to jeans, everyone likes a different fit and it’s the same with a carrier.”  Concessions apply for anyone eligible.

“Each group differs on the support we offer, but you can always access sling support, then depending on the group we offer breastfeeding peer support (for all ages, newborn through to toddlerhood), a stay and play service, a quieter space for newborns and for just relaxing, tea, coffee and biscuits and a chance to socialise.”

To get in touch contact Carry me Kate Parenting Service CIC Sling Library either on facebook @carrymekatesling and at their website or via email on

Families are also encouraged to visit Somerset ‘Positive about Breastfeeding’ website and Facebook page where they will find advice and support with infant feeding, and health and wellbeing in Somerset.


For more information, please contact the Press Office on 01823 355020 or email