Bridgwater maps out the way by going digital


Cycling and walking in the Bridgwater area is about to get much easier – thanks to the latest technology!

The Bridgwater Way is launching a brand new cycling and walking map for Bridgwater and the surrounding area. It means cyclists and walkers can now plan their journeys in advance or on the go by using smart phone or tablet, wherever they are.

To begin using the map, visit:

The interactive map allows you to view the cycling and walking network in a way that is tailored to you – use the filter view to customise your map and share exact location points with others too.  The coloured lines show the main cycling routes into and out of Bridgwater.  The key can be used to view off road and quiet routes as well as footpaths too.

Making use of the most up to date network information, the interactive digital map is so sophisticated that it features routes that aren’t even on Google maps yet.

The Bridgwater Way has invested heavily in improving miles of the cycle network in and around the town and there’s more to come.  You can now cycle, traffic-free into Bridgwater from Cannington and North Petherton and improvements are also planned from Puriton.

A spokesperson for Somerset County Council said: “This new map for Bridgwater and the surrounding areas will make planning a journey much easier as its as up to date as it could be.

“Its user friendly design makes it suitable for people of all ages.  Use it to plan routes to school, work and leisure too.  The network is impressive, with many off road routes some people may not even know exist.  I would encourage people to have a look and see for themselves.”

The Bridgwater Way is a project focussed on helping to keep Bridgwater moving as the town goes through a period of significant growth and investment. By providing information, advice and tools people can choose the best time to travel and routes to use, and help reduce the need to travel in the first place. In particular we help people avoid times when the roads are busiest.

It includes investment in new roads and improvements to existing roads and junctions, as well as miles of new and improved routes for pedestrians and cyclists. It also offers active travel initiatives to make getting to work or school easier and safer.

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