Reduce the risks in your home

Somerset County Council and partners are supporting National Child Safety Week (Monday 3 June – Sunday 9 June 2019) to help keep children safe at home.

This year’s theme is ‘Family life today: where’s the risk?’ The campaign highlights the increasing dangers facing families today from our modern lifestyles and offers simple solutions to keep children safe.

The Council is working with Somerset and Devon Fire and Rescue Service to continue to make homes in Somerset safer. Anyone can seek information and advice and some families may be eligible for free safety and fire safety equipment.

The week focuses on reaching out to families everywhere in Somerset to promote home safety and fire safety, sharing information relating to the dangers and hopes to find more eligible Somerset families who can receive a safer homes referral.

Accidents are a leading cause of death, serious injury and acquired disability for children and young people in the UK. They often happen when people are distracted and serious accidents can happen very quickly, for example when checking social media or taking selfies.

In Somerset the leading cause for the under 5’s having avoidable injuries is falls in their own home. These incidents are largely preventable.

Councillor Christine Lawrence, Cabinet Member for Public Health and Wellbeing, said: “Family life today is more complex than it’s ever been and often it’s the very things that help make life more convenient that bring new risks.

“Dangers in the home include things like button batteries that can kill when swallowed, child-appealing washing capsules that can poison, or nappy sacks stored under cot mattresses that can suffocate babies. There are also the distractions from our mobile phones and technology in the kitchen and when we are out and about.

“We are working in partnership to give parents and carers a helping hand in the home to feel more confident and prepared to keep their children safe by providing home safety and fire safety equipment.

“Child accident prevention cannot be achieved by one organization alone and so agencies have pulled together the Somerset Childhood Accident Strategy to try and reduce the number of children being admitted to hospital as a result of preventable injuries.”


The national message during the awareness week this year is all about making family life together safer. In Somerset professionals are working together sharing safety advice to raise awareness of home safety and to help keep our children safe.

To find out more about the ‘Safer Homes’ project or suggest a family speak to your local Health Visitor. Follow these hashtags for more information on keeping your child safe #childsafetyweek  #familylifetoday