Don’t Slip Up

To help prevent slips and falls in the home and outdoors, Somerset County Council has been promoting some top tips online on how to reduce the risk of a fall this ‘Slips and Falls’ Awareness Week (23-29 Sep).

As people get older, there is an increased risk of falling. Simple measures however can reduce the risk.

Ensure shoes fit correctly. Foot problems, ill fitting or worn down shoes increase the risk of losing balance and falling.

Poor eye sight can also lead to slips and falls, especially in poor lighting – and make sure there are no loose floor coverings, trailing flexes or wires in the home. Eyes should be checked every year, keep glasses in good condition and make sure areas in homes are well lit.

Standing up too quickly may cause dizziness due to a drop in blood pressure. To reduce this, stand up slowly and keep re-hydrated with regular drinks. Staying active will also improve balance. Walking, cycling, swimming, bowling and dancing are great choices with a recommended 75 minutes each week.

Cllr Christine Lawrence, Cabinet Member for Public Health at Somerset County Council said: “Many of us worry about having a fall as we get older which can lead to a loss of confidence and going out less. Your best defence against falls is having a healthy body and keeping your bones strong. Drink and eat healthily with plenty of calcium and vitamin D – and aim for 15 minutes of sunshine a day. Do activities to maintain your muscle strength and improve your core balance and try not to sit for long periods.”

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