Somerset’s councils and healthcare teams are getting in touch with people to check on their welfare

Thousands of people will be contacted by phone or letter over the coming days as all five local authorities in Somerset and the NHS launch a new approach to help and support through the Coronavirus outbreak.

Around 70,000 residents will receive a letter which encourages them to  first seek non-medical help and support amongst their own local community groups. But if they can’t find the help they need, they are asked to contact the new dedicated Somerset Coronavirus Helpline on 0300 790 6275.

As well as the letters, around 1600 residents will receive phone calls to check on how they are coping and to ensure they have the support they need and if they don’t, give them guidance and advice to get help.

Residents are asked  to always check that the caller is genuine, never give out personal bank details, pin, or passwords to anyone over the phone and not to  ring the number the caller has given you to check it’s genuine. Always try to look the number up for yourself.

The new support helpline is open seven days a week from 8am to 6pm-  0300 790 6275.  Residents will be able to  get help with:

  • Emotional support if worried or anxious
  • Financial support
  • Personal care and support including food and delivery of prescriptions
  • Housing and support for the homeless
  • Social Care or Medical transport needs
  • Waste collection and disposal

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There are now over 1,200 community volunteers who have signed up to support people in our local community with help like shopping, picking up prescriptions and dog walking. The help from these fantastic people has meant that those most in need can continue to get support over the coming weeks.