Team future-proofs online learning for Somerset pupils


Children in Somerset have the technical support to help ensure the impact of coronavirus on their education is minimised thanks to a dedicated team delivering innovation in online learning.

Back in March at the start of lockdown the county’s e-Learning and Information Management (eLIM) team, which supports Somerset County Council’s schools with online learning and technology, took on the mammoth task of virtually overnight, providing staff and thousands of pupils in more than 165 schools with a huge array of digital education assistance.

The team of three which is part of Somerset’s Support Services for Education*, works with schools to develop innovative, engaging and safe use of technology.

They have provided a wealth of technical and practical support, including:

  • Advice and guidance to support children learning at home safely using platforms such as Google Classroom.
  • Software and operating systems.
  • Use of video both recorded and livestreamed to facilitate teaching.
  • ‘Blended learning’ – a blend of teaching and learning using in-school and online methods.
  • A new to Somerset; safer, kinder social media platform pilot – GoBubble – so far 23 schools have signed up.
  • Various online safety initiatives and tools to support staff.
  • A customisable computing curriculum for all primary schools.
  • Specialist advice on data protection

The increase in the use of technology and the expectation of the Government that schools will need to continue to offer online learning throughout the coming year means the team will continue to play a key role at the centre of education provision.

“During the current crisis schools have had to deal with a challenging and fast-changing environment. In the process, this small eLIM team of accomplished teachers have come up with some really innovative solutions. They have been at the forefront of developing new ways of learning for Somerset’s children,” said Somerset County Council’s Cabinet Member for Education, Faye Purbrick

She added: “Their work has helped ensure that the impact of coronavirus on our children’s education is minimised and that schools are supported and ready to adapt quickly to any future challenges they may face.”

Submitted by Communications