Major road works set to begin w/c 1 February

Major road works scheduled to take place next week (25/1 – 31/1) by the Somerset highways team.

StreetTownProposed Start DateProposed End DateWorking daysWorks
MORAVIA CLOSEBRIDGWATER01/02/202105/02/20215Excavation and reinstatement for foul and surface water connections.
HANKRIDGE DUAL CARRIAGEWAYTAUNTON01/02/202104/02/20214Erection of frames
HYDE LANETAUNTON01/02/202126/02/202120Various works
ETSOME ROADSOMERTON01/02/202112/02/202110New egress and widening of existing lane.
WHEDDON CROSS TO BRIDGETOWN ROADDULVERTON01/02/202103/02/20212Depot patching
SHOWELL PARKTAUNTON04/02/202108/02/20212Resurfacing
STATION ROADWELLINGTON01/02/202105/02/20215Resurfacing
STATION ROADILMINSTER01/02/202112/02/202110Resurfacing

Here are planned/ongoing works taking place this week, including other contractors.

  • A3027 East Street, Taunton (Route D5) – Temporarily closed for the Active Travel Cell project.

Additional Salting to take place at:-

  • Route D3 – Langley Marsh via Whitefield and Cordings Ball to Forches Cross to Clatworthy (for WW Scotts Hill closure) or Old Castle Inn, Huish Champflower (for WW Tanners Hill closure).

Continuing and next week’s temporary road closures are:-

  • B3355 Silver Street, Stratton-on-the-Fosse (Route G4) – closed for housing development work (authorised by Bath & North East Somerset Council) for 215 days, 5th July to 5th February.  Due to lack of space to turn gritter around, please omit the section north of B3139 Wells Road, as we did previously during the winter of 2019/2020.
  • A358 Hankridge Duals and interchange roundabout, Taunton (Routes D5 & D6) – SCC M5 Junction 25 Blackbrook A358 Major Improvement Scheme.  Overnight road closures.
  • A30 Honiton Road, west of Chard (Route Y1) – closed for SCC drainage works for 39 days, 4th January to 12th February.
  • Tanners Hill, Huish Champflower to Clatworthy (Route D3) – closed for Wessex Water water main work for 14 days, 18th January to 5th February.
  • Old A303, Whitelackington (Route Y1) – closed for Wessex Water carriageway reinstatement work for 12 days, 18th January to 29th January.
  • Rossiters Road & Rossiters Hill, Frome (Route F2) – closed for SCC footway works for 12 days, 25th January to 5th February.
  • B3139 Wells Road, Panborough (Route G2) – closed for BT cabling work for 5 days, 25th January to 29th January.
  • A358 Minehead Road, Combe Florey (Route M4) – closed for SCC verge/embankment repairs for 19 days, 25th January to 12th February.
  • A371 Axbridge to Shute Shelve (Route D1) – closed for private tree cutting works for 13 days, 25th January to 6th February.
  • Trull Road, Taunton (Compass Hill to Wilton Grove (Route D4) – closed for BT cabling work for 5 days, 25th January to 29th January.
  • Houlgate Way, Axbridge (Route D1) – closed for Gigaclear cabling work for 21 days, 1st February to 21st February.
  • Scotts Hill, Washbattle Bridge to Huish Champflower (Route D3) – closed for Wessex Water water main work for 19 days, 1st February to 19th February.
  • B3222 High Street, Dulverton (Routes M2) – closed for BT chamber work between 09:30 and 15:30 for 5 days, 1st February to 5th February.
  • Grants Lane, Wedmore (Routes G2) – closed for BT chamber work for 1 day, 1st February.
  • A396 Wheddon Cross to Bridgetown (Routes M2) – closed for SCC patching work between 08:00 and 17:00 for 3 days, 1st February to 3rd February.
  • Keyford, Frome (Route F2) – closed for Bristol Water water main work for 2 days, 1st February to 2nd February.
  • A362 Wallbridge, Frome (Route F1) – closed for Network Rail bridge inspection work between 22:00 and 10600 for 1 night, 2nd February to 3rd February.
  • Queensway, Comeytrowe (Route D4) – closed for Wessex Water borehole work for 10 days, 3rd February to 12th February.
  • Tacker Street, Roadwater/Luxborough (Route M3) – closed for BT telegraph pole replacement work between 09:00 and 17:00 for 5 days, 4th February to 8th February.
  • A39 Puriton Hill, Puriton (Routes D2 and D7) – closed for private road construction work in relation to new roundabout for 14 days, 8th February to 21st February.
  • Enmore Road, Durleigh (Route D3) – closed for Wessex Water water main work for 3 days, 8th February to 10th February.
  • Luxborough Valley Road (Route M3) – closed for BT telegraph pole replacement work between 09:30 and 15:30 for 2 days, 10th February to 11th February.