Caution urged as lockdown map is unveiled

Somerset’s Director of Public Health has urged people to be ‘cautious and sensible’ after the government’s roadmap out of lockdown has been revealed.

Trudi Grant has warned that if people act irresponsibly, the risk of virus rates rising sharply again is very real.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson unveiled his plan earlier this week.  The first step is the re-opening of schools on March 8th, but the message to stay at home unless journeys are essential will remain.

There will be further relaxations of restrictions on March 29th, April 12th, May 17th and June 21st.

But Mr Johnson has made it clear that every step is dependant on tests being met on vaccine targets, infection rates and new coronavirus variants.

And today Trudi Grant said everyone needs to play their part to make sure these key dates are met and life can start returning to normal.

“I know people are really keen for things to open up. But actually we can’t go at this too fast. We have to do it in a measured way, in stages and we have got to keep a close eye on infection rates.

“It is really important that people don’t get carried away with this limited amount of freedom.  We’ve lived with restrictions for a long time now and many people have really struggled with it.

“There is always a risk that people will start to ‘let loose’ as things open up but we really must try to avoid that. We have to try to keep this virus under control. It is vital people continue to follow the rules and the clear advice of hands, face and space. It really is the best way to stop the virus spreading.”

For more information on the Governments roadmap, visit:

The Somerset Coronavirus Support Helpline number, 0300 790 6275, is open seven days a week from 8am to 6pm, offering a range of support – from help accessing food or medicines, to emotional and financial support, and employment, skills and business advice.