Somerset Coronavirus reflection page

This page is a permanent memorial and place of reflection dedicated to everyone we have lost to Coronavirus.

We honour their memory – they will forever be with us in the hearts of those they left behind.

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“Covid-19 has affected everyone’s lives over the last year, and sadly many of us have lost friends, neighbours and family before their time. On the anniversary of the first lockdown, it is a time for us to pause, reflect and remember. A time for us to support our friends, families and local communities and a time to help local grieving families. Let us all reflect on the events of the last year and send hope of better times.”

Councillor Nigel Taylor, Chair of Somerset County Council.

Staff at Frome Family Care Homes marked the day of National Reflection with a presentation to their managers.

Staff made a collection and presented Sharon Welsh at Belmont Villa Nursing Home, and Melissa Twohig at Greenhill Grange Residential Home with flowers, a hamper of goodies and bottle of champagne.

Ria Rodgers & Jackie Wyatt coordinated the presentations simultaneously with staff and residents.

They said “our staff all wanted to do something for our managers.

As we all know this has been a very challenging 12 months.

When we first heard of covid 19 we were all a little frightened and did not know what to expect.

There was also the added worry of keeping safe the residents in our care.

As we moved forward there was a huge amount of added work involved, making sure we had enough food supplies, PPE, testing kits, more online forms to complete and much, much more.

It was also hard to close the home to visitors, both for resident’s and family.

We were all delighted when we had our screen and microphone fitted, so at least residents and family could see and speak to each other in person. Again, this coordination took time and patience.

Pushing for vaccinations, we are proud to be the first homes in Somerset to have two vaccinations for both residents’ and staff.

It is with thanks to Sharon and Melissa we seem to be coming out of this period without any outbreaks. They have worked so hard over the last 12 months in keeping both residents and staff safe. We hope as the situation improves and we come out of lockdown they will be able to have a well-earned break.

From all the staff at Belmont Villa and Greenhill Grange we would like to say a huge Thank you.”

Sharon Welsh said “Today we have all reflected on the past year, the extraordinary challenges we have all faced and making very difficult decisions as small family run care homes the pressure has been immense.

We have all had to adapt rapidly to new ways of working to rise to the unprecedented demands at theses uncertain times.

Melissa Twohig said “Sharon & I feel very touched by the generosity of all of our staff, their kind words and gifts, we really feel very humbled. This year has been one of the toughest and even thinking back to this time last year feels me with such dread, but we have made it through and brighter days are coming.
Without the dedication, hard work and courage of every single one of our staff we could have been in a very different situation than we are today. We are very proud of our wonderful, dedicated team.”

Frome Family Care Homes

Christine Lincoln

“One year on from that first lockdown I think of lives lost, some are people I have known, most are strangers. I think of time with friends not spent, a year in limbo, I miss the sea! I hope for the future but I fear there are many hurdles ahead. I think of all I have and I feel lucky.”


Monty Don reflected that this year our gardens have looked after us, rather than the other way around. This year has really shown us all how wonderful and important nature is to our wellbeing. We need to protect it, care for it and cherish it.


Jane, SCC Foster Carer

I am thinking of the tens of thousands who have lost their lives. I am thinking of the hundreds of thousands still suffering. I am thinking of the millions around the world affected by this pandemic. I am thinking how lucky I am my family is safe and well. I am also thinking we MUST learn from what’s happened so if it does reoccur we’ll be better prepared.


Reflection is an important part of wellbeing.  It is perfectly normal in life to experience stress and anxiety. These are normal reactions to uncertainty and challenging times –  but noticing these feelings and taking some action shows strength and can really help.


The world lays dormant all around

Heartbreak, sorrow its only sound

No strangers chat, laugh or greet

No friends, family or colleagues meet

Our children suffer, livelihoods gone

Thousands buried with no chance to mourn

 A mask in place to stop the spread

A mask I wear to shield my dread

But a time to change, to bake and think

Too much food, too much drink

The old is gone, a new world unfurling

Zoom, Teams Live and, oh God, online learning

My roots are withered, my soul a husk

To be restored by a parent’s hug

But now a cure, a hope, a vaccine

with every jab given, I start to dream

Of a world we can laugh, drink and hug

Meet friends, eat a meal and sing down the pub

But today is a time we all reflect

The world will awake but we shall never forget 

By Deborah Porter

I feel a stronger connection to my fellow County Council Colleagues than I did before Covid. We all have our different stories and experiences to tell but this year we have been much more connected . All working for the same goal and dealing with many of the same struggles. When I get the chance, I don’t think I will walk through the corridors in the same way again .


I WILL forever count my lucky stars that I have you as a father.” 

These were some of the last words Bella Wilson said to her father before he died from Covid-19

Andrew Wilson, who was just 66, tested positive for coronavirus on New Year’s Day, and weeks later was put on a ventilator in Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton. 

He spent much of his life in Taunton with wife Caroline, who he was with for 37 years. 

He also had a step daughter Kelly who he a adored and 2 grandsons Billy and Alfie.

Always in our thoughts.

Caroline Wilson

I think of my Dad dying alone in hospital. I didn’t lose him to Coronavirus but because of the virus I didn’t get to say goodbye to him or even give him a proper send off. I pray for better times to come for everyone in society.


Thinking of everyone today who has lost a friend, loved one or who has had to cope with having the virus.  Also those who have struggled financially, with their emotional health or personal safety.  I hope we are through the worst and there are happier times ahead.


My weeping is silent I will not show

The loneliness and missing that I know

This hell in your head you can’t understand

Kaleidoscope feelings that should be banned.

Please, come sit with me try to smooth my woes

I wait and time stands still, nobody shows

I move and time moves on, nobody comes

Now like a caged bird ready to succumb.

Sat watching them sleep, on my own

A  Life I had never wanted to be shown

I stand and reach for the door to leave here

To my late walk to stop cabin fever

 by Michael Wallis, written during the time his daughter was seriously ill in hospital.

I lost my father at the start, before we really knew how bad things were going to get.  I’m sorry it happened so quickly and I’m sorry I’ve not been able to see my mum enough.  I’m sure when this is over, we’ll appreciate a handshake or a hug a lot more.


It has been a very difficult year for everyone. Thoughts are with those who have lost loved ones. We have a responsibility to each other to ensure that we follow all the guidelines and minimise the risk of the virus to others. If we all work together, we can combat this virus and ensure that we can enjoy the special moment again with friends, family and loved ones.


A few months, that’s all, we’ll be ok,

Shut the doors, please stay away,

Days go on and hope fades,

Lives put on hold and plans delayed,

Hugs and kisses ill advised,

A human right categorically denied,

We await the news with baited breath,

No longer a shock to learn of another death,

Mental health takes it’s toll,

But with rules we have to roll,

Days go by and everyday the same,

Feeling lost and lonesome, no one to blame,

Lives lost at an alarming rate,

The pain and suffering does not albeit,

One day soon we will arise,

A meal, a drink, a shopping spree,

All the above with company,

No restrictions, no rules applied,

One day Soon we’ll see our worlds collide.

by Katy Wilkinson

Lost my mum on 31St March 2020 to pneumonia.  She was a hard working person, retiring at 77, with only 4 years retirement.  Nearly a year on now but still miss her everyday.


It’s been a tough year shielding, working from home in a busy household and missing my friends and family but it has not all been bad, the extra family time has been amazing. I consider myself lucky that Coronavirus did not cross our door and have a heavy heart for those who have caught it, for those who have been taken by it and for all those families grieving a loved one. Let’s hang in and keep being careful for the good of us all.


As I purged the nights sweat from my face

I looked through the mirror and back into this place

Somehow the image was different quite blurred

And the face looking back was not one I preferred

Tired and ageing, a shadow forlorn and weak

Body ravished and dishevelled with lack of sleep

Desolate eyes peer looking for relief

Ears tuned now only to grief

I saw someone else looking back through the glass

Just a hint of the person I was in my past

I stared, he stared back and then I realised at last

I must find him and make sure that he can pass

Travelling on a tidal wave of emotion

Now he must return to the commotion

My hand passes through the glass like a ghost

Our eyes fixed, locked, engrossed

And through the sunken wrinkles of time

I look to destroy this phantom of mine

Right into the crevasses of my mind

And awaken the warrior inside


This is our World War, a war with an invisible but deadly enemy. Stay safe everyone and remember – we will never surrender.

Sara Townsend

Not seeing my Mum was the toughest for me. She has dementia so doesn’t really grasp what is going on but she did used to recognise me and I am sure she took comfort from my daily visits before lockdown. All credit to the nursing home staff who were amazing. I have lost her now, her body is still with us but her mind has gone. She recognises me no longer, too long apart – Coronavirus took her from me.


I can, when oceans rise and thunders roar.

Although, I might have travelled far and near in journey of life- but I Can because ZUKSWA/UKSWA is with me.

I Can, when I share a common goal of strong support from my fellow Advocators to change, improve and touch lives… if only I believe I can.

With one focus in our mind….Yes we can!!!

Like a clay, we see caseloads and we mould them to masterpieces!

Yes I Can, I remind myself daily, with legislations, policies, safeguarding, risk assessments engrafted in my heart not to deter me but help to maintain balance and boundaries.

Yes I Can! With diligence and resilience, I will achieve my goal.

Yes I Can …because it is happening now!!!

I say to my brothers and remind my sisters, step by step we hold ourselves to climb and soar, because I Can, you Can , We Can.

Oh yes! I Can

ZUKSWA/UKSWA SAY WE CAN- with wholistic approach, we bridge the gap for greatness with valued added to lives and communities.

My great Advocates!

I will leave you with the words of Serena Williams  that says ” I rise admist challenges”

I say I Can, You Can, We Can!!!

by Funmi Omotade