Key link in town’s cycling network is unveiled

A new £500k cycleway is the latest addition to Bridgwater’s growing active travel network.

The route from Stockmoor to Wills Road was officially opened this week. It will link up with existing cycling and walking infrastructure, helping to ensure residents have more choice about how they get around the town.

It’s been jointly funded by Somerset County Council, Sedgemoor District Council, and North Petherton Town Council and includes £250k of funding from Hinkley Point C’s Community Fund and a developer contribution.

The route is barrier-free and includes a parallel pedestrian and cycling crossing to enable easier progress for those on a bicycle.

The route will be included in Somerset County Council’s Bridgwater Way initiative which includes an interactive route map detailing all the key cycling and walking infrastructure in the town.

“It’s really satisfying to see another section of cycling infrastructure added to the network in Bridgwater – it’s a great partnership effort,” said Cllr Woodman.

“We are committed to supporting more people to choose active travel as a means to get around and this new route is an important contribution to that aim.”

The new route links Limousin Way in Stockmoor and cuts across the corner of Wilstock Country Park running alongside the rhyne, before joining Wills Road in Hamp.

You can find out more about cycling routes in Bridgwater by visiting .