Me and my boys – Stoptober case study

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“On my journey with ‘smokefree’ I had all the right help and support from both Riley and Steph. Without their help and time, I would not have been able to do it.”

Kim talks about her battle to give up smoking and the support that she received to quit from the ‘Smokefree’ Somerset service:

Hi, my name Kim, I started my journey with Mums2be back in June 2014 whilst I was pregnant with my first son. I was 20 weeks gone and had moved to Taunton from Andover.

I visited my midwife who recommended the Mums2be, ‘smokefree’ service to stop smoking. So, I made the referral via her and that’s when I started my journey with Riley who used to come round and have a chat with me – she would ask how I was and things.

Riley went through all the benefits of giving up smoking and the affects it was having on my unborn son. She would sit down with me and take my carbon reading using a carbon reading machine, along with that she would ask me what products I would like to use. I started out with the patches along with inhalers – I think I ended up trying all the products out.

With Riley’s help I gave up the habit and became smoke free right up to when my son was 6 months old. I ended up going back to smoking due to stress, struggling with being a new mum and having no help around. The doctor put it down to post-natal depression and prescribed me anti-depressant tablets, the tablets made the contraceptive pill less effective – I fell pregnant with son number two.

So here I was again smoking and being pregnant. I went back to my midwife and asked her to refer me again – I had done it the first time and felt I could do it a second time. So, Riley from the service returned, with her carbon machine back in August 2015 – and I did it, I managed to become smoke free again. This time I used patches along with inhalers and became free from smoking.

However, by the time my second son was 1 year old I had gone back to smoking. I found it hard looking after two teething children, with no sleep at night and partner working miles away from home and not able to help.

Roll on 3 years, September 2020 my eldest was in year 1 at school and my youngest had started reception class – and there it was, the bright pink positive line on another test. I knew straight away what I needed to do and that was asking my midwife for ‘smokefree’ help again. This time I met Steph over the phone because covid meant home visits were no longer possible. So, I started my journey again using patches and inhalers and then onto sprays and chewing gum.

I managed it the third time right up until after my third son was born. I had a blip after an argument, I turned to a fag but with Steph’s help supporting me I went on to using a vaper.

On my journey with ‘smokefree’ I had all the right help and support from both Riley and Steph. Without their help and time, I would not have been able to do it. For any woman smoking and expecting a baby I would highly recommend their help.

Need help giving up smoking?

Stoptober offers a range of free quitting tools including: the NHS Quit Smoking app, Facebook messenger bot, Stoptober Facebook online communities, daily emails and SMS, and an online Personal Quit Plan.

The Personal Quit Plan helps people find a combination of support that’s right for them, including expert support from local Stop Smoking Services and stop smoking aids. 

Our local stop smoking service, Smokefreelife Somerset (SFLS), offers a free stop smoking service supporting Somerset residents to become smoke free.