Urgent appeal for the return of community healthcare equipment

Millbrook Healthcare is making an urgent appeal to its service users on behalf of Somerset County Council and Somerset NHS: if you have any of our community healthcare equipment you no longer need, please can you contact them, to arrange for it to be collected. Collections are free and contactless and where possible, Millbrook will pick up the items from your home to ensure everybody stays safe.

The priority is to collect these items of equipment:

Wheeled Walkers
Toilet Seat and Frames
Shower Stools
Perching Stools

This equipment is loaned on behalf of the NHS and local authority social care teams when people leave hospital or after a period of illness, to help them stay safe at home and retain their independence.

The Covid-19 pandemic has increased demand for this equipment and created shortages in supply. If anyone has Millbrook Healthcare equipment they no longer need, please get in touch to book a free collection so that it can be reused to help others who are in need. Sometimes for single items of equipment which are low value, they may ask if you or a family member / friend could return the item to one of their equipment drop off points located across the county. They are then able to bulk collect these items from those points.

Some items of equipment which are reissued may have small chips and scratches, but all equipment issued has been deep cleaned, serviced and is fit for reissue.

Please call Millbrook Healthcare on 0333 003 2407 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday to arrange a contactless collection, free of charge.

Important: collections will be prioritised based on need, and lower priority items may be collected later.