Get the right tools to quit this No Smoking Day

…being given the tools (to help quit smoking) by the team, I have found it easier than I thought.

Tabetha is thirty-one years old and having her first child. She was referred to the Mums2be Smokefree service by her midwife when she was twelve-weeks pregnant.

Mums2Be Smokefree is a local service in Somerset who offer support, advice and free NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) to pregnant women, partners and family members needing help to quit smoking. 

In this blog she talks about the support she had from Mums2Be Smokefree, and how much easier she found it when given the right tools to help her quit smoking:

“My stop smoking journey started when I was about 12 weeks pregnant. I was referred to the Mums2be Smokefree service by my midwife.

“I had been smoking for over twenty-years and have never given up before as I believed it would be too difficult a challenge. However, having the support of the Mums2Be stop smoking team, having the incentive, and being given the tools by the team to help me quit, I have found it easier than I thought.

I found the medication helpful. I had a carbon monoxide monitor to check my breath at home and I sent my readings to Riley at the service.

I would definitely recommend the Mums2Be stop smoking service to any expectant mothers as the support is excellent and the team is amazing.

Giving up is always best for your health and that of the baby and the vouchers are always a bonus especially for a first-time mum like myself.

Want to know more about the help that is available?

A large number of Somerset mums are having healthier pregnancies and ‘smokefree’ lives thanks to the support they receive during and after their pregnancy. 

For help to quit smoking contact Smokefreelife Somerset: 

Phone: 01823 356222


Or visit: The Smokefreelife Somerset Website