No Smoking Day – support makes all the difference

With my 2 previous pregnancies I hadn’t really received the support in quitting smoking…

Lauren was referred to Mums2Be Smokefree, for quit smoking support, by her midwife at her “ten-week” booking appointment – when she was around eight weeks pregnant.

Mums2Be Smokefree is a local service in Somerset who offer support, advice and free NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) to pregnant women, partners and family members needing help to quit smoking. 

Here she talks about the difference it made having professional support to quit smoking not just during pregnancy but beyond:

“With my two previous pregnancies, I hadn’t really received the support in quitting smoking, and I struggled to maintain not smoking following the pregnancies, as well as not stopping as quickly as would be wanted.

“From the start Riley, at Mums2Be Smokefree, was so supportive and had so many tips to help me during those early weeks of quitting.

“I chose the patches as a nicotine replacement and quickly was able to reduce these down before using the nicotine gum to wean off nicotine completely.

“The appointment or telephone calls really don’t take long and the ICO machine you use to show you have maintained being smoke free is so easy to use – with a simple way of sending the reading across via WhatsApp.

“Riley has stayed in regular contact now at four-weekly intervals and I am just about to hit nine months smoke free.

“I really don’t think I would have been able to quit so easily without the support given from Mums2Be Smokefree and just knowing someone was at the end of the line and in contact regularly to support me was brilliant.”

Want to know more about the help that is available?

A large number of Somerset mums are having healthier pregnancies and ‘smokefree’ lives thanks to the support they receive during and after their pregnancy. 

For help to quit smoking contact Smokefreelife Somerset: 

Phone: 01823 356222


Or visit: The Smokefreelife Somerset Website