Thank a teacher on 26th May 2022

It’s national ‘Thank a Teacher’ day on 26 May 2022, giving everyone an opportunity to send a message of gratitude to the hard working educational professionals who helped shape lives today.

Somerset County Council is inviting everyone to share their videos on the Council’s social media thanking that one teacher who made the biggest impact on their life. The Council will share these online throughout the day.

Whether they helped you through exams to achieve your dreams, comforted you when you needed it most, helped you understand something that has guided you through life, or inspired a lifelong passion outside of a school subject, we would like to share your story.

Film a short video, no more than 30 seconds long, introducing yourself, who your teacher was, and how they inspired you in a way that made a real difference to your life. Any ages can join in but under 18’s will need parental permission. Tag @SomersetCouncil into your video post to be shared by our Social Media team.

Amelia Walker, Assistant Director of Education Partnerships and Skills, said “Somerset’s teachers are amazing – the experience of the pandemic demonstrated this time and time again. All the evidence tells us that along with parents, it is those inspiring, memorable teachers and educators who do more than any profession to change the lives of children and young people. This is a great opportunity to remind ourselves of the daily difference they are making for the next generation.”

The Thank a Teacher Campaign is ran by the Teaching Awards Trust, established in 1998 by Lord David Puttnam CBE to celebrate and recognise excellence in education.

The charity’s mission is to highlight the positive impact teachers and educators have on their society, through pupils, parents and the wider community.


For further information, please contact Gary Smith by emailing