Climate Summit to help Somerset businesses increase sustainability

Somerset businesses are being urged to play their part in combating the climate emergency – with a conference offering insight into practical steps they can take to become more sustainable.

The Somerset Business Climate Summit 2022 will take place at Queens College in Taunton on Wednesday 21st September between 10am and 1pm.

The Summit will highlight best practice and raise awareness of the opportunities and challenges for businesses as we shift toward a low carbon economy.

Guest speakers from businesses of different sizes and industries, including My Carbon Coach, The Field Works, and recently certified B Corp New Leaf Design will discuss topics including the easiest ways for businesses to cut carbon, what Net Zero means, the journey to B Corp, and sustainable agriculture and manufacturing. Businesses will be encouraged examine their current business models and make pledges to reduce their carbon footprints.

Cllr Sarah Dyke, Somerset County Council Executive Lead Member for the Environment and Climate Change, said: “Somerset County Council declared a Climate Emergency in 2019 and has worked with the four district councils to develop the Somerset Climate Emergency Strategy with the ambition of making the county carbon neutral by 2030.

“Every individual, local community, business, and organisation will need to play their part to make this happen, and Somerset County Council is determined to ensure that everyone has the tools and information they need to take action.

“The Business Climate Summit offers valuable networking opportunities and the chance to find out what help is available for businesses, as well as learning about what steps other local businesses are taking to reduce their carbon footprints and energy bills.”

There will be future workshops held across Somerset following the Summit as part of ongoing networking and best practice sharing. Attendees will be able to find out more details about upcoming events at the Summit, and submit their own ideas for additional workshop themes that they would deem beneficial.

Organisations supporting the conference, alongside the five Somerset local authorities, include New Leaf Life Design, The Field Works, Taunton Chamber, Somerset Chamber, FSB and the NFU.

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Somerset County Council was recently ranked as the top county council in the UK when it comes to taking a lead on climate change.

Climate Emergency UK ranked all 409 local authorities, scoring them against nine categories, including how well councils’ plans would mitigate the impact of climate change locally, whether the climate and ecological emergency was integrated into existing policies, community engagement, climate education, scale of emissions targets, and commitments to tackle the ecological emergency.

Initiatives include work to ‘decarbonise’ a number of buildings owned by the council including a number of libraries, Glastonbury Hub, and County Hall in Taunton, along with investment in Carbon Literacy Training for councillors, council officers, and city, town and parish councils in Somerset.

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