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I can honestly say, going to smokefreelife Somerset gave me my health and life back and you too can have the same.

Todd Johnson, a smoker from the age of twelve, talks about how the habit was affecting his health at just twenty-four years old. He received support from a Stop Smoking Practitioner at smokefreelife Somerset to stop. He now feels empowered every time he refuses a cigarette, and he runs for an hour a day.
From the age of twelve I started to smoke. I was a young impressionable child who gave into peer pressure and after a month of smoking on and off behind the bike sheds at school, I became addicted.
Smoking became a friend to me, when things were hard in life, the cigarette would always be there to ‘calm me down’, or so I thought at the time. At the age of twenty-four, I was waking up every morning coughing my guts up. I couldn’t walk to my local shop without being out of breath and the cost of smoking kept on growing – to the point it was a choice of tobacco or food. Embarrassingly, I would choose buying tobacco. 
The time finally hit when I thought, enough is enough. I then went online to look at ways to quit and up came smokefreelife Somerset. With their help and guidance, I realised that my relationship with smoking was like a toxic friendship – I didn’t need it but it wouldn’t let me go. I also learnt that having a cigarette to calm down doesn’t actually work.
The journey hasn’t always been easy, but it gets easier. The hardest jump is the choice to quit, then the withdrawals and then being in the social settings I used to smoke in. Each time you say no to a cigarette is so empowering and makes you feel stronger. 
I am now a year smoke free; I’ve saved so much money, I am fitter and healthier than I have ever been. I go for a one hour run daily – a year ago I couldn’t even walk to the shops! Just like my running, the long road to a smoke free life is now easier.
If you believe in yourself – like the team at smokefreelife believe in each and every person they meet – you too will be a year smoke free. I can honestly say, going to smokefreelife Somerset gave me my health and life back and you too can have the same.
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