Learn about Somerset Road Safety’s Fatal Five

Somerset County Council’s road safety team is warning road users of the Fatal Five behaviours, which are the main causes of serious injuries and deaths on our roads.

The team will be running a campaign on social media throughout December highlighting these factors in collisions and showing how road users can make sure they are safe when they are travelling.

The Fatal Five are:

  • Speeding
  • Careless driving
  • Not wearing seatbelts
  • Using a mobile
  • Drink and drug driving

Reports by the team have shown that all these factors have led to collisions around the county in the recent past, and that there are simple things that everyone can do to keep others safe also.

Driving at appropriate speeds for the conditions, ensuring drivers and passengers always have seatbelts on and keeping mobiles on silent and out of the reach of drivers are some examples, while a driver’s fitness (making sure they aren’t under the influence of drugs or alcohol) and ensuring they are able to put 100% of their attention on the road is important too.

Councillor Mike Rigby, Somerset County Council’s Executive Lead Member for Transport and Digital said: “The fatal five have been proven to be the root causes for most casualties on the roads.

“The road safety team are doing some brilliant work around raising awareness of these factors, and everyone should take notice of them and make sure they are both fit to drive, and then behaving correctly when they’re at the wheel.”

Somerset Road Safety provides advice to thousands every year through educational events; they also run Bikeability courses for school children and train School Crossing Patrols. Please visit www.somersetroadsafety.org for more information and follow them on social media – Somerset Road Safety on Facebook, @SCC_RoadSafety on Twitter and @somersetroadsafety on Instagram.