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Fly tipping

Nature reserve fly-tipper hit by £810 bill

“No more fly-tipping!” – and a bill for £810 – was the firm message from Somerset magistrates for a man who dumped commercial waste at a nature reserve. It is the most recent example of coordinated action by Somerset County Council and all district councils in the county that is helping to drive down figures […]

Mendip District Council offices in Shepton Mallet

Council Offices Take Shape in Mendip

Somerset County Council staff will soon be moving in with the District Council, as part of a wider plan to save taxpayers’ money and enable residents to access a variety of public services in one place. Around 220 staff are expected to move into Mendip District Council’s offices in Shepton Mallet from mid-February 2014 onwards. […]

Fly tipping

County backs fly-tip fight as dumping costs man £250

Fly-tipping has cost a man £250 in the latest example of coordinated action by Somerset’s district and county councils as they clamp down on illegal dumping. Somerset magistrates sitting in Yeovil on 23 January imposed the £250 costs and give Leon Stevens an 18-month conditional discharge for leaving cardboard boxes and household waste by a […]


Budget Spending Plans

Savings proposals of more than £18m have been unveiled by Somerset County Council – as the authority also confirmed it will continue to spend more than £300m on council services across the county. Despite the proposed savings, the Council aims to freeze its share of council tax – for the fifth year in a row. The Council’s […]

County Council invites Ministers to see the flood damage

Somerset County Council has confirmed it has invited government ministers and flood experts to visit the county to see first-hand the devastating flooding that has hit the area. Ministers from the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and members of the all-party Parliamentary group on flooding have been invited to the county to […]

foster carer and child

More foster carers needed in Somerset

The Fostering Network has announced that 8,600 new foster families are needed in the UK in the next 12 months. Somerset County Council currently has around 250 foster carers and will need 60 new foster care households in the next year to keep up with the rising number of children coming into care and to […]

Fairer Funding for Somerset

Somerset County Council is leading the fight for ‘fairer funding for Somerset’ to deal with future floods in the county. Council Leader John Osman said Somerset has been short-changed over the years, and major investment in flood prevention is now needed. “Our communities deserve better, and we will fight to get more help from government,” […]

Archaeology, Myth and Superstition at Museum Talk

This month’s ‘Talk and Tea’ session at the Museum of Somerset looks at archaeology, myth and superstition, and takes place on Friday the 13th December. Many archaeological sites are often linked to mythical stories or folk lore. This illustrated talk looks at examples from Somerset and beyond, and provides examples where myths and superstition form […]