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What is Dry January, and what are the benefits?

January is often a time when people are looking to introduce healthy habits and make positive lifestyle changes.

After the Christmas period of enjoying a drink or two, ‘Dry January’, now in its tenth year, sees thousands across the country give up alcohol for a month after the festive season.

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People in Somerset are challenged to ditch the booze and ‘Try Dry’ this January

Just thirty-one days without alcohol can positively impact on health, improving sleep, boosting energy, reducing anxiety, and saving money, to name just a few of the benefits.

That’s why this year, Somerset County Council is encouraging residents and employees to sign up to Dry January and discover the many benefits of going alcohol-free, including the financial, physical, and medical benefits this can bring.

8 Health benefits of doing Dry January 

One in six people are taking part in Dry January this month and will already be feeling the benefit of living alcohol free.  To keep everyone’s motivation up, Somerset County Council is sharing the top health benefits of giving booze the elbow for a month.  It’s not too late to start – just pick a day in January and then stop […]

Off the booze for Dry January? Then try our top 5 delicious mocktails.

Who’s thinking alcohol free isn’t fun? Are you championing Dry January, giving yourself a healthy start to the year? Then these mocktails will be right up your street. With the recent festivities over, many people will be ready to take some positive steps towards better health and wellbeing. It can be tough of course, so […]

Still doing Dry January five years on 

As February arrived, I thought why go back on the booze? I didn’t fancy it anymore. Davina de L’amour (not her real name) talks about finding it surprisingly easy to take up the challenge of not drinking for Dry January, the benefits of abstaining and the joy of still being alcohol free after five years.  It seemed like a near impossible […]

Councillor champions ‘Dry January’

Councillor Clare Paul will be taking on the ‘Dry January challenge’ – and is encouraging others to join her! Cllr Paul, Somerset County Council’s Cabinet Member with responsibility for health and wellbeing, will be doing her best to abstain from alcohol in January –and sharing her experiences on social media, along with tips on zero-alcohol […]

Take a break with Dry January

Drinkers are encouraged to take a break from the booze this January – and have a dry one. Somerset County Council is backing ‘Dry January’, the national campaign led by Alcohol Change UK which aims to encourage drinkers to give up alcohol for the month and reset their relationship. During Dry January last year, 88 […]

Going to give Dry January a go?

Drinkers are being encouraged by Somerset County Council to take a break and have a Dry January. The campaign by Alcohol Concern is aimed at social drinkers and encourages them to give up alcohol for the month. Trudi Grant, Somerset Director of Public Health said: “More and more people are taking part in Dry January. It […]

Take a break, have a Dry January

Somerset County Council’s is encouraging drinkers to take a break and have a Dry January. (1) Dry January is a campaign by Alcohol Concern, supported by Public Health England (PHE) in 2016, aimed at the social drinker, encouraging them to give up alcohol for a month. Latest figures from PHE and Alcohol Concern show that […]

Tea instead of a tipple?

Over 100,000 people in Somerset could benefit from drinking a little less and a little less often, latest figures reveal. Somerset County Council’s Public Health team is therefore encouraging everyone to sign up for ‘Dry January’ and staff and visitors to Somerset County Council at County Hall are being encouraged to have an alcohol free […]