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Smokefreelife believe in every person they meet – Stoptober case study

For help quitting smoking, click the smokefreelife Somerset logo below. I can honestly say, going to smokefreelife Somerset gave me my health and life back and you too can have the same. Todd Johnson, a smoker from the age of twelve, talks about how the habit was affecting his health at just twenty-four years old. […]

 Maternity Stop Smoking Campaign Success

Parents-to-be in Somerset are now less likely to smoke, thanks to a successful local campaign. Over the last five years Mums2Be Smokefree has helped nearly 1,700 expectant parents to quit smoking. As a result, babies in the county are less likely to be admitted to a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) due to smoking in […]

I will never smoke again – Stoptober case study

For help quitting smoking click the smokefreelife logo below: It is 8 weeks now since I quit and it is the best thing I have ever done. I will never smoke again. Barry Leonard quit smoking with the help of a Stop Smoking Practitioner from Somerset County Council’s stop smoking service, Smokefreelife Somerset. He attended […]

Join the 2.3 million people who have quit smoking during Stoptober

With ‘Stoptober’ well under way, thousands of Smokers are taking on the challenge to quit smoking this October as part of the campaign. Somerset County Council, in partnership with the NHS, is urging smokers to get behind the campaign and join the 2.3 million others who have already quit during Stoptober in the campaigns ten-year […]

#SmokeFreeLife Somerset presents – ‘Your personal nicotine monster’

Somerset County Council’s stop smoking service, #SmokeFreeLife Somerset, has launched a new animation explainer which is proving popular on social media channels. The animation, which can be viewed at https://bit.ly/nmonster, has really resonated with smokers, non-smokers and ex-smokers alike, by giving a real insight into what it is like to crave a cigarette and fight […]

‘Let’s Kick It Together’- family support to quit smoking in pregnancy

Mothers who smoke during pregnancy will be given incentives to “kick the habit” as part of a package of increased support being launched by Somerset County Council to mark World No Tobacco Day, May 31. Let’s Kick It Together, a campaign from the Mums2Be Smokefree Service and the NHS, aims to reduce smoking before, during […]

Quitting smoking helps to create a low-risk pregnancy

Helping to support others to create a low-risk pregnancy so that they do not have to experience the challenges of a Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) is what brings my passion to my job role. Steph Dummackin works for Smokefreelife Somerset in the Mums2Be Team, covering Yeovil and South Somerset areas. This specialised team supports […]

Get the right tools to quit this No Smoking Day

…being given the tools (to help quit smoking) by the team, I have found it easier than I thought. Tabetha is thirty-one years old and having her first child. She was referred to the Mums2be Smokefree service by her midwife when she was twelve-weeks pregnant. Mums2Be Smokefree is a local service in Somerset who offer […]

No Smoking Day – support makes all the difference

With my 2 previous pregnancies I hadn’t really received the support in quitting smoking… Lauren was referred to Mums2Be Smokefree, for quit smoking support, by her midwife at her “ten-week” booking appointment – when she was around eight weeks pregnant. Mums2Be Smokefree is a local service in Somerset who offer support, advice and free NRT […]

Act now to prepare for No Smoking Day

National No Smoking Day is Wednesday 9 March and Somerset County Council is encouraging smokers to act now to prepare for giving up on the day. To support people in Somerset to quit, the Council’s Stop Smoking Service, Smokefreelife Somerset is available to provide free, expert support and guidance. The service is urging anyone who […]